MicroAnt evaluates your assets after reviewing its condition and age. We add value to your equipment before re-marketing it through our reseller network and direct to consumer resale stores. When a sale is made, MicroAnt returns a percentage of the net revenue back to our customers. Our process for disposal of IT assets allows us to provide alternative disposition paths, including redeploying assets within the organization to save on unnecessary new purchases, repurchasing or gifting programs for employees, and charitable donation initiatives.


When your electronic device arrives at the MicroAnt Facility, it is first registered and assigned a serial number, this allows technicians to track the device through each step of the recycling process – regardless of whether it is slated for refurbishment, parts recycling or the shredder.
MicroAnt wipes data electronically or through degaussing in accordance with Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology. If devices are still functional, they will be refurbished or broken down into parts for reuse or resale through our network or consumer stores.