About US

MicroAnt is a Hard Drive Destruction company by the Riparian Group. Some of the clients in our recycling network are Hulu, Google, Nissan, HUD, Goodwill and thousands more. The Riparian Group runs successful e-waste companies that handle millions of lbs of electronics per year that are processed to ultimately become precious metals such as gold, copper, aluminum and more. When you work with Microant, you are working with a company who helps some of the largest companies in america process their E-waste throughout the United States. Our protocols for data security and hard drive destruction are second to none.


We specialize in computer and gaming system repair. Every member of our team has COMPTIA A+ Professional IT Certification. Our Computer Technicians have more than 10 years experience. We have certificates from USA and Diplomas European Universities. Our TV and General Electronics Technician has more than 15 years experience. Our Game Console Technician has over 5 years experience. Our highly trained and experienced technicians provide fast and dependable service at very reasonable prices. We sell refurbished computers & gaming systems!

Whether your computer system runs slowly, you experience errors or malfunctions, or just have a question about the overall health of your device, MicroAnt.co is here to provide fast and reliable computer support solutions to get our customers back on the track to productivity. Also, following repairs, we arm our customers with information and methods to prevent the same problems from recurring.

Electronics outlet store offering Onsite/Offsite Computer Repair & IT Services. Bring your cracked cellphone screens, broken laptops & flat screen TV's to be fixed or exchange for refurbished equipment with warranty.

Data Destruction

By selecting only R2 -2013, e-Steward and ISO 14001-2009 certified vendors we assure handling and final disposal of VITAL electronics to assure that OUR earth is protected. MicroAnt has also worked with many of the most notable IT providers as channel partners to provide extensive support to businesses seeking proper disposition of their e-assets.
MicroAnt assures all data is destroyed and your company’s information destruction is a top priority. The hard drives / media are destroyed in a manner set by the Dept of Defense method also known as the DOD 5220.22-M. We make sure that the information is not compromised or stolen