As long as you have a car you will always find yourself having an extra tire, car jack, jumpstart wires batteries and all sorts of car paraphernalia in your home garage or even back yard.

Over time of car ownership, you might find yourself owning more car parts than you need or expect. This may constraint you space wise but throwing them out just like that is mostly a bad idea.

Most car parts do not quickly disintegrate since a good number of them are made of plastic or rubber. The good thing is these parts can easily be recycled or reused. Making them more valuable than being thrown out.

As much as people are encouraged to take them to be recycled, reusing them is better. Recycling them may be environmentally friendly but a lot of energy and time is used to convert them into usable materials. Re-using them saves a lot of money and time in the long run.

Do you have spare car tires or batteries you are not using that you want to dispose of? Do you want some ideas on how to do it safely without harming the environment? Well, you are at the right place.

Car Battery Recycling

In this article, we are going to state and explain to you briefly some environmentally friendly ways you can recycle and re-use them. All of the above tips have been adopted by many people around. Here they are.

  1. Give them up to a reputable recycling company.

The best and the most inexpensive way of recycling tires and car batteries is by giving them to a reputable recycling company. These companies have the necessary tools and skills to recycle them safely. Because they are made of different raw materials, both the tires and batteries are recycled differently.

Tires are mostly burned, but that has proved to cause more harm to the environment. To avoid destroying the environment, the tires are shredded into smaller pieces, melted and then used to make new tires. Not only does this save the environment but also save on a lot of costs.

A large part of the car battery can be recycled. Car batteries are broken apart and most parts removed to be recycled. The plastic and metal part that makes up the car batteries removed to be melted and used to make new car batteries or other things. Some of these companies accept them for free or pay you for them.

  1. Make a beautiful garden using the old tires as planting pots.

Tires have been known to make very effective planting pots. Their durable nature makes them good planting pots. You can plant in tires almost anything, from flowers to vegetables of your choice. Even with little space, tires can convert nothing to something.

Due to the harsh economic and drastic change in weather patterns, ideas on how to save money and the environment are welcomed. With a tire filled with fertile soil, you can now grow enough food for yourself and family even on a small apartment balcony.

Tires are portable allowing you to move with your garden even when you move out of your house. Apart from vegetables, tires can also be used to grow flowers. Instead of using a lot of cash on buying expensive flower pots, you use your creativity and design a flower pot using a tire. They are more durable and can be used in a number of ways, unlike clay planting pots which break easily.

  1. Refurbish the car battery and use it when there is a power shortage.

Does your area experience frequent power cuts? A refurbished battery can create enough electricity to power a TV, a few bulbs or even charge a mobile phone. As much as it may make you sound paranoid, having a backup plan is always wise.

In the current day and age, lengthy electric blackouts could mean life or death. Having a car battery that works could help reduce risks that come with an outage. To ensure that your battery is always charged you can connect the battery to a solar panel. That saves you a lot of costs and allows you to stay online longer without electricity.

Besides using the battery to power your home, you will never know when your other car battery will fail you. Having your old refurbished battery can save you when least expected.

  1. Sell your old battery.

Instead of throwing away your car battery did you know that you can get money from it? Regardless of its condition, there is someone who would buy it. One of the first places you can visit an auto spare parts dealer near you. Batteries are always on demand. However, if you want to get more cash from the battery ensure that the battery is in good working condition.
Apart from an auto spare parts dealer, you can also sell your car battery online. You can sell almost anything on online platforms such as eBay or even craigslist. Here you can get offers from people who want the battery. If that does work for you, you can always go the old school way and hold a garage sale.
The scrap yard is another place where you can sell your battery. 80% 0f a car battery contains materials that can be recycled. Unless the battery is not working the scrap yard should be the last place you take your battery. You are more likely to sell the battery at a lower price here.

  1. Make household decorations using unusable tires and spoilt batteries.

One of the cheapest and environmentally friendly ways of disposing of tires and car batteries is by reusing them. Materials that make up a battery or a tire are non-biodegradable. Continuously throwing away of car tires and batteries is not manageable.

The best and the most environmentally friendly way is to recycle them or reusing them. Making decorations out of them is a good way of adding value to them. Using your imagination, you can make ornaments such as a back yard table and chairs using both tires and batteries.

Most of the household decorations made out of them are durable and do not get spoilt faster. Making them is simple, and you would not need a lot of expensive raw materials. If you do not know how to make them, you can hire someone with such skills to make you something of your choice.

  1. Some manufacturers can sell you a new tire or car battery when you return their products for recycling.

Because they know the danger their products pose to the environment when they are not properly recycled. Manufacturers are now accepting their old and used products for money, or you are allowed to buy a newer one at a discount.

This not only cuts your costs but also those of the manufacturer. Because it is expensive to get new rubbers to make new tires or even a car battery raw materials recycling them save a lot of time and money. Regardless of the condition, it is a guarantee that manufacturers will accept them.

  1. Retread the tires and continue using them.

Each tire should always be replaced after doing 30000 to 50000 miles. This is done to reduce the risks of accidents and also improve a car’s appearance. As much as some tires may look worn out retreading them can always breathe some life into them. Even though there are a lot of myths that surround retreaded tires, they are just as effective as a new tire.

Retreaded tires are just as safe and durable as new tires. Before you get to use retreaded tires, they do undergo similar tests that new tires undergo before you are allowed to use them. Apart from doing your part in conserving the environment, you get to save on a lot of costs.

Instead of throwing away the tires you can always go and have them retreaded so that you can reuse them instead of buying new ones.

Car Part Recycling

In conclusion.

There are thousands of ways you can recycle and reuse an old car battery or tire. Above we have named some few ways of recycling and reusing them instead of throwing them out.

A good number of the above tips are simple and you would not need any special equipment. You can use such moments to bond with your family and gather ideas from them on how to reuse the old tires and batteries.

Reusing an old tire or car battery would require you to be very creative. To get some inspiration you can go online and check other peoples ideas and adopt them. If you find your self not being creative enough, you can hire someone to help you make things out of the old tires and batteries.


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