Electronic Recycling Pick Up Service & IT Asset Disposition

We have been in business since 2008. We have Equipment, Shredder, Forklifts, Staf IT, Data Wiping stations and a Retail division for Electronic Recycling. Certificates emailed to corporations after pick up!

Professional Staff

Our staff is highly knowledgable in handling sensitive information as well as respectful of your workspace.

Secure Handling

An important factor is the exchange of hands when pickups occur. We do not hire 3rd party logstics.

Amazing support

The office and management staff are here to help! We are ready to use our expertise for you.

Stable infrastructure

Using technology and old school know-how, we have the most reliable pick up and process systems.

Standard Data Destruction Included for all pick ups!

MicroAnt is part of the RIPARIAN group which has up to date wiping software that effectively over writes and destroys stored data. In cases that hard drives are too old or are broken, they will get processed to join the dismantling line which ultimately goes to refineries for precious metals.

-We also offer premium on-site services if needed-